Recovering a Lost Password

Losing access to your password doesn't have to mean losing access to your Stealth account. Our password recovery process is designed to help you regain control while maintaining the highest level of security. Here's how to recover a lost password.

Steps to Recover a Lost Password

  1. Initiate Password Recovery

On the Stealth login page, click on the Forgot Password button.

  1. Enter Email Address

Enter the email address associated with your Stealth account. This is where you'll receive further instructions.

  1. Enter Verification Code

Check your email for a verification code sent by Stealth. Enter this code on the password recovery page.

  1. Set a New Password

Enter a new unique password and confirm it.

  1. Enter Backup Key

Enter the backup key which you downloaded during signup.

Without your backup key, it is impossible to reset your password. This is because Stealth cannot know your password to ensure that we cannot see your end-to-end encrypted data. Since we don’t know your password, we can’t decrypt your files, so we can’t recover your account without your backup key.
  1. Click Confirm New Password
  2. Download New Backup Key

Backup keys are single-use, so you’ll be provided with a new backup key. Please be sure to download it and keep it in a secure location.

Stealth's password recovery process ensures that you can regain access to your account in a secure manner, with the backup key serving as your lifeline to account recovery.

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