Stealth Versions

November 1, 2022

Initial release of Stealth BETA

November 16, 2022

Bug fixes & performance improvements; in-app feedback reporter

December 1, 2022

Initial release of Stealth BETA for Web; improved upload performance, app bundle size optimization; new help center

December 9, 2022

Dark mode; updated UI & visuals; improved trash & restore logic; file export on mobile; bug fixes

January 13, 2023

New upload logic (removed 200 MB limit); drag & drop support; folder upload; bug fixes

February 17, 2023

Google Drive import support; improved semantic parsing; right-click context menu; bug fixes

March 24, 2023

Public sharing (via; thumbnails for multimedia & PDF

April 6, 2023

Fixed search-related bug which caused some files to be unsearchable

April 20, 2023

Encrypted link sharing; link management; UI improvements; revamped search suggestions & history; file details in list view

April 26, 2023

Fixed bug that prevented some users from importing files from Dropbox; fixed bug caused by special characters in folder names

June 1, 2023

Revamped thumbnail logic; new search results page; redesigned upload/download center; prefix & fuzzy search support; new in-app file viewers; bug fixes

September 26, 2023

First non-BETA release of Stealth; first release of Stealth Pro; refined UI & UX; performance improvements