Delete & Restore Files

File deletion is an essential part of keeping your data organized. Whether it's a cleanup process or recovering accidentally deleted files, here's how to navigate these actions.

Deleting Files & Folders

  1. Open the Item’s Context Menu

You can access the file or folder’s context menu by either right-clicking or tapping the ••• button next to the item.

  1. Select Delete
  2. Confirm Deletion

Confirm that you wish to delete this file by clicking on the Send to Trash button.

You can delete multiple files at once by clicking on Select Multiple in the context menu and selecting Delete.

Restoring Files & Folders

  1. Open Settings

Click on the Settings button on the side menu (bottom menu if on mobile)

  1. Select File Storage
  2. Select View Trash
  3. Select Desired Item

Locate the file or folder you wish to restore, and click the ••• button next to the item.

  1. Select Restore

The item will be restored to its original location

You can also permanently delete an item from the trash by clicking on Permanently Delete in the trash context menu.

Stealth's comprehensive file management extends to these essential actions, ensuring you have full control over the lifecycle of your files.