Searching Encrypted Files

Discover the unparalleled convenience of encrypted search – a groundbreaking feature available exclusively on Stealth. Our encrypted search functionality allows you to locate specific files within your encrypted repository while maintaining the highest level of data security. Here's how it works.

Encrypted Indexing: Leading the Industry

Stealth stands as the pioneer in providing encrypted search for your cloud-stored files. Our innovative approach involves encrypted indexing, a technique that enables efficient search operations without compromising data privacy.

Fundamentally, all the file which you upload to Stealth are indexed on your device, using our innovating encrypted indexing technology. This allows you to then perform searches on your uploaded encrypted files’ contents without exposing any decrypted data to our servers.

For a comprehensive dive into how encrypted indexing works, check out our blog post on the topic.

Performing an Encrypted Search

Using Stealth’s encrypted search is straightforward:

  1. Click on the search bar
  2. Enter keywords or phrases that are relevant to the file you’re seeking
  3. Launch the search
Stealth’s Encrypted Search makes three key security guarantees: 1. Your file contents are never revealed to our servers (or anyone else) 2. Your search terms are never revealed to our servers (or anyone else) 3. Your search results are never revealed to our servers (or anyone else)

Stealth's encrypted search functionality offers a unique blend of convenience and data security, positioning us as the sole provider of this cutting-edge feature. Dive deeper into the technical intricacies of encrypted indexing by exploring our [in-depth blog post](blog post URL). As you make use of this feature, you can confidently search for files while maintaining the utmost confidentiality.