What is End-to-End Encryption?

At the heart of Stealth's security architecture lies the concept of end-to-end encryption, a robust cryptographic mechanism that safeguards your data's confidentiality from origin to destination. This powerful technique ensures that only you and your authorized recipients can access the content of your files, rendering them indecipherable to anyone attempting unauthorized access.

The Essence of End-to-End Encryption

End-to-end encryption empowers you with complete control over your data's privacy. Unlike traditional encryption methods, where data is encrypted at the server level and can potentially be accessed by service providers, end-to-end encryption shifts the control to your hands. This means that even the service provider cannot access the decrypted content, as they lack the encryption keys needed for decryption.

How End-to-End Encryption Works with Stealth

Stealth's implementation of end-to-end encryption employs the AES-256 GCM (Advanced Encryption Standard 256-bit with Galois/Counter Mode) encryption algorithm. This battle-tested encryption standard is known for its exceptional security and efficiency.

When you upload a file to Stealth, it's first encrypted on your device using the AES-256 GCM algorithm. This process generates a unique encryption key, ensuring that the data can only be decrypted using the corresponding key. This key is then encrypted with your password, on your device, ensuring that no one without your password can decrypt or access this file.

The encrypted file is then securely transmitted to Stealth's servers, where it remains in its encrypted state. This means that even if an unauthorized entity were to access Stealth's servers, the encrypted files would be impenetrable without the encryption key.

When you or an authorized recipient want to access the file, the file is downloaded and decrypted on your device using the encryption key. This client-side decryption ensures that the decrypted content never resides on Stealth's servers, and only the authorized user has access to the original, readable data.

In essence, Stealth's end-to-end encryption guarantees that your data remains private throughout its journey – from your device to Stealth's servers and back. This level of security empowers you to store and share sensitive information without compromising confidentiality.